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Thursday 24th March 2011

Stoll the right way to knit

December 29th 2010 and what better time to pop into my local ‘Age-Uk’ charity shop, after all I had not been in for some time.

We always knew it as the ‘Help the Aged’ shop and it’s taken some getting use to calling it the ‘Age-UK’ shop. (Help the Aged merged with Age concern in April 2009 to form Age-UK)

The manager explained that they had been clearing an old local knitwear supply shop that had been closed for some time and came across a set of badges in a presentation box.

These appear to have been a promotional item for ‘Stoll’ knitting machines, most likely from the late 1980s.

The Leicestershire knitwear and hosiery industries have been in decline for many years but clearly there was still some life in it in the late 1980s –or at least Stoll thought so. Three of the badge designs would be almost unintelligible by themselves but the campaign slogan badge makes it clear ‘Stoll the right way to knit’

Leicestershire still has some remnants of a once great knitwear industry and this quirky set of badges is a small reminder of that.

Heinrich Stoll had founded his company in 1873 (in Germany) and was a pioneer in the design of knitting machines that revolutionised the textile industry. The slogan ‘the right way to knit’ was adopted and incorporated in the company logo –the use of English most likely seen as more practical for worldwide sales.

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