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Saturday 5th February 2011

Frank Setchfield featured on BBC East Midlands Today

Watch the excellent report by Jeremy Nicholas

Meeting Jeremy Nicholas was a daunting prospect-well after all he is a West Ham fan. However his razor sharp wit and repartee helped the interview along effortlessly. Hopefully what comes across is Frank's love for the hobby and the never ending research that makes it a lot of fun. Failing that if you suffer from insomnia this may just help!

I would love someone to give me honky tonk love

If you watch the video you will see that Frank is in need of Honky Tonk Love - a badge that was issued in 1970 to promote the Walls iced lolly 'LUV' This is a good example of how a previously long lost promotitonal campaign throws up old badges that become queries for collectors. Watch and discover what led Frank to this amazing discovery, maybe you have a spare Honky Tonk Love?

The video reveals that Jeremy also had World Cup Willie. If you think that is a medical condition then you must be too young to remember 1966. A good illustration of the way badges can combine fun, social history, and design.

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Frank Setchfield is the author of The Official Badge Collectors Guide from the 1890s to the 1980s and has written countless articles on badges for various publications.

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  • Zoe Langley

    26 Jun 2011 - 11:13pm

    Blue army!

  • martin housden

    12 Sep 2013 - 9:23pm

    Very interesting site, and great to see an old school teacher exactly as you remember after 15 years. Everyone has that one great school teacher that they always remember, and Frank Setchfield is the one that always springs to mind! Remember lots of interesting objects in the class room, folders full of badges, and he also encouraged my train spotting hobby at the time, and I still have the posters he gave me :)

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