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Saturday 26th March 2011

Bluecol The British Robin

1950s Anti Freeze promotion

What a mess our vehicles would be without anti-freeze. Bluecol was first registered in 1934 by Smiths Industries.

Bluecol Antifreeze has been part of British heritage since the 1930s and has a history of advertising both trade and retail.

Items including metal signs, Antifreeze measuring jugs, packaging, model collectors’ trains, buses, and cars and newspaper and magazine advertisements appear in automobilia collections and sales. These items include three classic button badges from the mid 1950s to early 1960s  period.

Bluecol has used the ‘British’ Robin since the 1950s – the three badges are all  classic 25mm button badges with the ‘Gaunt’ grey back. The first badge has the Robin without his scarf. The second badge heralds ‘new’ Bluecol and presumably this is when the scarf was first added. A further badge was added ‘It’s Bluecol time’ as a reminder to motorists to top up the anti-freeze-this would possibly have been around the 1962-3 hard winter period.

A trio of great British button badges from a great British product.

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